Wednesday, March 3

Rockin' Tuesday Night

Three Days Grace is a Canadian rock band, formed in Ontario, Canada, in 1992.
Three Days Grace released two studio albums, Three Days Grace in 2003 and One-X in 2006, both of which have been certified platinum and double platinum in the United State.
In 2007, the band was declared number one rock artist of the year by Billboard.
Three Days Grace's musical style has generally been described by critics as alternative metal and hard rock throughout the band's career.
"Animal I Have Become", was Three Days Grace's most successful single, but I'm a fan of "I Hate Everything About You" most!

Jackie's favorite band, Breaking Benjamin, opened up for Three Days Grace.
Breaking Benjamin is an American rock band from Pennsylvania.Their music is classed as well as alternative rock or post-grunge.
It was a Good (but late considering we had to drive back from Baton Rouge) Night!

(Video quality it better on the 2nd due to it being shot with my camera vs cell phone)

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