Saturday, March 6

The American Sector

American Sector restaurant serves nostalgic favorites in the World War II Museum. If you were eating in America in the 1940s, then acclaimed chef John Besh’s restaurant, American Sector located in the National World War II Museum of New Orleans, will surely pique the nostalgia. Just reading the menu will send you down memory lane, and when you finally decide and the food arrives, you may well find its better than you remember. That’s because Besh is a gifted chef with a playful touch, dedicated to preserving the food ways and traditions that are our culinary heritage. His nostalgic menu of all-American favorites, lovingly refined and honoring World War II-era America, is delectably southern bent. So, I went to The American Sector for the first time tonight. Have been hearing about it for ages now, but went for a friends birthday. The cocktails are across the board and the menu is such a joy to read, esp. the classic old-time desserts.

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