Friday, August 29

Harry Potter | Universal Studios Trip Attire

My Huffelpuff House nails

Saturday, August 9

Visit from Amy & Dawn

Two of my best friends came to NOLA for a visit ... I love these Ladies!!
We got photobombed!
Went to Mississippi for beach & casino fun
A silly tradition of ours

Sunday, July 27

Black Light Run

Blacklight Run™ is a unique night 5K fun run focused less on speed and more on UV Neon Glowing fun with friends and family.

The Blacklight Run™ has been setup with very simple rules:

1) Wear a white shirt (any white T-shirt will work or wear your awesome commemorative Blacklight Run™ T-Shirt given with your registration) to be worn at the start line.

​2) You will finish covered in Blacklight Run™ UV Neon Glow Powder, that will glow in our Blacklight Zones™ and at the Blacklight Run After Party™.

By the end of the race, you will look like you fell into a Ghost Buster's movie (minus the slime) and covered with different colored Blacklight Run™ UV Neon Glow Powder​​​. This is the first of its kind at night and is quickly sweeping the nation!

Along the course you will find Blacklight Zone's™, which are associated with a designated color: green, pink, and orange. As runners/walkers reach the Blacklight Zones™ they are showered with Blacklight Run™ UV Neon Glow Powder that glows with our high beam blacklights at every zone. All products are 100% natural and non-toxic.

Friday, July 18

U.K. Visitors

A friend from Japans younger sister and boyfriend were in town on a 5-month world tour.  I offered being tour guide and we bar-hopped around Uptown during the rainy weekend.
Tamsin (Rosalind's younger sister) & David enjoying some of the last crawfish of the season.

Saturday, July 12

Murder Mystery Dinner

1930's Murder Mystery Dinner

Murder-mystery dinners begin innocently enough—diners arrive to mingle amid drinks and quiet conversation. As diners munch away, a sudden death interrupts the feasting, and a hapless detective arrives to accuse one of the audience members.

It's not every day that a dinner with friends risks a murder accusation. That's a good possibility for the guests of The Murder Mystery Company, who find themselves in the middle of a investigation for which any one of them could stand accused by a hapless detective. During each interactive dinner, the company's troupe of professional improv actors ignites the dining room with entertaining outbursts and hilarious one-liners in an effort to divulge clues and redirect guilt. Meanwhile, guests work together to sniff out the real culprit, which is definitely not the school janitor in a mask.

Money to bribe the other guests with for clues and dirty secrets!
Our table choose the Team Name: "All Wet" for "No Good"