Saturday, May 23

Farewell to Em

It's a rare event to get this many NAC employees together for happy hour, but we all came out (including our President Neal) to wish Emily and her newly graduated Doctor husband Ryan a farewell before they move to Little Rock. Lots of Blue Moon (the orange beer you actually put slices of oranges in) was the poison of choice. It must be a NOLA thing, b/c I haven't seen Blue Moon elsewhere, yet. We went to the Patio Bar a few blocks from our work location on Magazine St.
Jackie shocked that Neal actually came out!

Yes, these are the faces behind the auction business!

Needless to say Jackie wasn't too happy Ryan was taking Emily away to Little Rock to continue his residence.
The night actually went pretty late, but it was good to have one last bash with Em! Bye, Girl - you will be DEARLY missed when our next auction comes up.

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