Saturday, May 2

Jazz Fest: Part 3

More on this guy COMING SOON... The funnest thing of the wknd! So, I'm on a run delivering some items to the Acura stage and low and behold the barrier I need to walk behind have this little lovely silver sticker from THE LUCKY LOUNGE in AUSTIN, TEXAS. My favorite bar!!! HA, cool.

Lovely deli trays for Bon Jovi that I got to being over today, seriously.
Backstage of Acura.
This is the entrance to the stage we get to go up occasionally to drop of water or whatever ON THE ACTUAL STAGE, that's kinda fun!
One of the Musician trailers all backstage.
This are where we drop off all of the catering trays, etc.
Some of the LARGE posters of the Indian Parades all throughout the Jazz Fest.
Another giant Jazz Fest poster.
Lay-out of the field.
One of the many areas for food. Food at Jazz Fest is Top Rate!
EVERYONE kept saying I NEEDED to try the Crawfish Beignets.
Ha, I love it!
Just to give you an idea of the crowds.
My lunch today!
I got the combo platter: Crawfish Beignets, Crawfish something in a fried sack, and an oyster bowl. Yummy!

Again, everyone kept talking about the Brocato Flavored Ice. Friday I got Lemon and today I got strawberry. Very yummy!

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