Friday, January 24

Because I'm worth it!!!

My Birthday Cake
A king cake that is generously filled with salted caramel, fresh bananas, roasted pecans, mascarpone cheese, caramello and covered in a praline glaze touched with flecks of real gold.
(YES, that's right .... real GOLD!!)

Watch how Domenica Restaurant creates the cake above.
( Chef Lisa White, the head pastry chef at John Besh’s Domenica & creative genius behind this decadent king cake, has been a fellow Nyx sister for the last two years -- HAIL NYX!! )

  Interesting Fact
In the U.S. Gulf Coast since the 1950s, the most common trinket has been a small plastic "Christ child" baby, but this over-the-top king cake uses the traditional trinket of a gilded bean (a symbol of renewal), still seen in some European and Mexican traditions but rare in the U.S.

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