Saturday, July 27

GNO: Mid-City/Bywater Edition

Started out with a free wine tasting at Pearl Wine Co. in Mid-City for a few hours of meet & greet while lounging in their lush sofa chairs.
Made our way down to Pal's Lounge, a great neighborhood bar, where I fell in love with their Hibiscus-infused vodka Peach Tea. Would love to try this place again for some of their random pop-ups restaurants.
To finish the night off right, we had dinner at Booty's in the Bywater

What is Booty's?
It's street food from around the world, globally-inspired cocktails, Stumptown Coffee and WiFi. Oh, and a hidden art gallery (in the bathroom)!
Papadum - YUM!
Snow Globe (on the left)
Vodka, strawberry, lime, hibiscus, orange flower and allspice
Fun Night!

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