Thursday, March 1


Part-time at least!!
Exactly one month ago, I took the plunge into being a Vegan (part time, Monday through Friday with the occasional Saturday) and I have to say . . . it's going smoothly!! I feel great and I've lost 10 pounds without feeling like I'm on a diet or depriving myself of any of my favorite foods. I've been cooking in a lot, but still making many of my usually dishes (just tweaked with Vegan recipes). Plus, it feels nice to know I'm getting lots of health benefits by being a vegan and I think I'll keep it up! I know -- I know . . . many people are saying, "WHY Part-Time VEGAN?" but honestly, I've always ate lots of fruits, soy milk, vegetables, nuts, hummus, barbecued tempeh and veggie burgers with guacamole. But I sometimes still like to indulge in a pork chop or a friend's pot roast. So, I believe that cutting back on excessive amounts of meat & dairy, rather than abstaining completely, may be a practical compromise that benefits my body and my environment . . . it gives me the benefits of a vegan diet without having to follow the strict rules -- Win Win! Don't think a Vegan can eat well? A-hem, Mom - I'm looking at you ;) Check out some of my favorite Vegan websites:

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