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Thursday, Feb. 16

Babylon 5:45 p.m. Location: Uptown Theme: announced day of parade Floats: 20 Sargon: secret Queen: announced day of parade Throws: jester hats, jester beads, LED Babylon streetcar, LED tambourines For more than seven decades, the Knights of Babylon have maintained old-line Carnival traditions of announcing their theme at parade time and not revealing the identity of their monarch. One can always expect to see the signature floats Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Temple of Marduk. The krewe throws an array of signature jester items and light-up baubles.

Chaos 6:30 p.m. Location: Uptown Theme: announced day of parade Floats: 15 King: secret Throws: stuffed swords and shields, light-up swords, cups for individual floats The Knights of Chaos maintain traditional Carnival secrecy and ride old-style wooden-carriage floats. The satirical theme allows the krewe to poke fun at topical issues. The krewe is introducing several new throws, including stuffed swords and shields and a three-color light-up sword. A popular throw is a deck of cards with the parade narrative detailed float by float.

Muses 6:30 p.m. (follows Chaos) Location: Uptown Theme: announced day of parade Floats: 26 Throws: rhinestone bracelets, diamond rings, light-up parade balls, boxes of adhesive bandages, krewe pens Honorary Muse Patricia Clarkson rides the fiber-optic shoe float. The satirical krewe doesn't announce its theme until the day of the parade, but signature floats include the Bathtub and Sirens. The Greek muse Clio adorns the cup designed by a local student. Muses is known for throwing a wide array of unique throws, glittered shoes and an annual shoe medallion bead.

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