Tuesday, May 17

Packing Tips

When I have to sit on my suitcase to get it to closed -- I know somethings wrong. Packing and I have a love/hate relationship that seems to rejuvenate itself every time I prep for a trip, and no matter how much I learn about unnecessary travel gear, I always fear about getting my suitcase within the weight limit. So I'm on a mission this time to follow three "simple" packing tips:
1) Know your Weight Limits
This trips packing adventure cannot be another lost cause for me. Since I’m heading to Scotland for 7 days, I know I’m allowed to bring one 50 lb bag. I’m using my trusty silver rolly suitcase for the trip which (while packing) beautifully fit the necessities for warmth in the wet, chilly weather. Keeping my fingers crossed for the final result!
2) Pack Your Bag: Then Take out A Third and Put it Back in Your Closet
So I really started to look at what all I so far packed and decided to sort my clothes into piles of cardigans/sweaters, fancy clothes, wet weather clothes, sleeping clothes– you get the picture. I chose my favorites from each pile, discarding about 1/3 of the apparel spread on my bed. Yet, I’ve stubbornly refused to travel without my yoga pants, my fur lined boots and fun colorful tanks to go under my cardigans and overall, I’m super proud of myself–I think I’m learning. This time I didn’t even reach for the hair curler, I’m no longer bringing three scarves and I decided on lots of easy switchable clothing to create layers. Plus I did keep room for my bulky wool sweaters that I learned were so valuable during my last British Isle trip and so after three hours of packing, jamming items in and throwing them out -- I finally think I'm done.
3) Pack for the Climate
Sounds like a no-brainer but for those who don't know it ... most of the UK is chilly and damp - the kind of cold that seeps into your bones and stays there ’til you spend several days in the very hot sun ... which means lots of bulky items to pack. Yet, I hate lugging my suitcase through airports and if better packing means less weight and easier mobility, I’ll be the first one to go tossing items out.

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