Friday, January 29

Defend Who Dat!

If you don't know should... Count the NFL among the growing members of the WHO DAT NATION. After all, they own the phrase -- or so they say in cease and desist letters sent out to at least two local T-shirt retailers earlier this month. In letters sent to Fleurty Girl and Storyville, the NFL ordered the retailers to stop selling a host of merchandise that it says violates state and federal trademarks held by the New Orleans Saints. Among the long list of things the NFL says is off-limits without a licensing agreement are some obvious violations like the official logo of the Saints and the team's name. But the one that stands out is "Who Dat." Who knew? The NFL, noting a 1988 trademark the Saints registered with the Louisiana secretary of state, says it has exclusive rights to the phrase and demands that the retailers stop selling it. The Saints claim it has owned the "Who Dat" trademark since 1988. Obviously the NFL has fallen in love with Who Dat because, the day after the Saints beat the Vikings, the league filed to register the phrase "Who Dat" with the Florida Department of State.
Give it up NFL, Who Dat belongs to the ages!!!

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