Friday, August 7

Let's Play a Game

We've all seen/snickered/made fun of those truly awful romance novel book covers, but have you really seen the true disasters? Now I’m not talking about bad covers from publishing companies who are working on a shoestring budget. I’m talking about covers that come from multi-billion dollar corporations with professional art departments operating with huge budgets who put out hundreds of different titles a year … and who just happen to blow it once in awhile.
Below are four of the best, but can you spot what makes them just so bad? Look at the picture and highlight the whited out text underneath to get your answer. Have fun!
Answer:CASTLES IN THE AIR featured a heroine with one too many appendages. The hero held one of her hands, she leaned on another hand, and the one tucked into her skirts seemed so unnecessary! Answer:Susan Macias's (now known as Susan Mallery) FIRE IN THE DARK western historical has a naked rubber man in the water with, if you look closely, a floating orange penis! Answer:Speaking of weird penises, I hope you looked closely at Elizabeth Bevarly’s SNAKES ON A PLANE cover. One word of advice to the heroine...RUN!!!
Answer:I don't think this one really needs an explanation, so let's just check out the expression on his face. Then note the title

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