Tuesday, June 23


Some of you may know...many of you may not, but on my free Saturdays I volunteer at the Hermann-Grima / Gallier Historic Houses as a Docent.
In 1857, esteemed New Orleans architect, James Gallier, Jr., put his considerable talent to work designing a residence of his own. GALLIER HOUSE is an outstanding example of accurate and comprehensive historic restoration of one of New Orleans' loveliest and time-honored landmarks. In the mid-19th century, Gallier was one of New Orleans' most prominent architects. His design work found an enthusiastic audience of civic leaders, businessmen, and affluent families. Enjoy a stroll through Gallier's elegant Victorian home, authentically restored to reflect the taste and lifestyle of a successful urban designer in post-Civil War New Orleans.Since it's summertime, the parlor is now in full "Summer housekeeping" mode. This was a common standard people staying in the cities had to do to adapt to living in their non-air conditioned homes. Women and children were lucky - most left the city to escape to homes nearer the coast and most would leave May - September. Yup, nice long vacations. If you come by to see the house now - the parlor has a VERY different feel to it and I rather enjoy it. Tatami matting instead of heavy carpets, no gasaliers or nice furniture fabric showing, expensive silk draperies are taken down and replaced with soft white muslin or thin fabrics - all creating a "cooler" surrounding. Thus ends your history lesson for the day! ;)

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  1. I remember the wintertime decor... summertime looks lighter and cooler. Nice.


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